Rockabilly GIrls
They’re always up to something creative.  I had a lot of fun with these gals in a themed Rockabilly shoot.  They just wanted to make a pin-up calendar for their husbands.  Cute. (Smiles).  One hubby (my cousin) actually showed up to watch….I think he was enjoying that just as much as he’s gonna enjoy the end product.  You’re beautiful ladies!  You show it well!  
Sweet Like Candy. The English Family.
Sweet tenderness just oozes out of the English clan.  The youngest adores her big sister and clings to her with great affection and I can just tell this is going to be one sweet confection session.  I first met Mom virtually, making contact on Facebook through a mutual friend living several states away.  And it’s fun to have a new mom friend who also loves to have candy-like laughter adorn the walls of her home!  Thanks for giving me my sweet fix for the day!
20 Jan 2015 in Family
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