Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear to our photo shoot?

Getting the clothing right will really make the images come together.  Families, coordinate color families, but steer clear of the matchy matchy, all black shirts or all white shirts with khakis.  You’ll just look like twinsies and blend into a big white or black blob.  Go ahead and google (that’s a verb) “what to wear to family photo shoot” into Google or Google Images.  You can also search Pinterest for some excellent collections.  When we plan your shoot location I’ll give you some ideas of color schemes that will work well with the setting and the season.  Avoid clothing with brand names or logos across the front; think more neutral.  Avoid wearing sneakers (I broke this rule with my own family, and wish I hadn’t!).  Then, let the fun begin!

For High School Senior shoots, stick to more solids and avoid big noisy prints or brand logos or names showing across the fronts.  For the ladies, even if we shoot in the summer, choose short sleeve or three-quarter sleeve shirts or blouses.  There’s something about spaghetti straps that make even skinny minny arms look more plump than they really are.  I agree, it’s just not right.


Where will we do our photo shoot?

I love love natural light, so if at all possible, we’re going to find a place to shoot outside.  I’ve got several locations in the Parker/Elizabeth/Littleton/Morrison/Denver/Westminster area where I like to shoot.  But if we need to scout out some other location, just let me know!  I’ll always do a site preview for the time of day that we’ll be shooting.  And, of course, if you’ve got a special location in mind, just let me know!  I’ll make a site visit so that I can have a plan in place on our shoot day to optimize our time and have areas already planned.  If you want to do a shoot in your home, I will schedule a time to preview for available light and areas where we’ll work.   Newborn shoots will be inside, typically in my in-home natural light studio in Parker, CO.



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