Katie & David
You’d never know these two were suffering through a bad bout of food poisoning!  It’s a hard call to make when you have flight reservations the next day to go “back home” and you’ve had a rough night before after some questionable cuisine.  But they made a late day call to press on!  I think by the end of the shoot they were smiling and laughing with perma-grin so much that they started to forget about their ailments.  Katie and David, I can’t wait to be a part of your Aspen, CO wedding this summer, SUPER excited!!!!
Jade & Shawn.
Oh my goodness, I love these two.  Well, I love watching these two just love being together.  They’ve got an incredible story that I’d have to let them share sometime, but its a beautiful example of grace, and hope.  It gives me great joy to be a part of their engagement and wedding plans.  We scheduled our engagement shoot to see how we all worked together before plunging into a big ole wedding contract.  I want to make sure they love what I can capture, and I want to make sure I love tromping all around their love story.  Well, I can only take credit for part of what was captured here because what was on the other side of my lens was just stunning.  They naturally and authentically dig each other.  Sure, I think I put Shawn in some awkward positions (I think I even caused a slightly embarrassing rip in some pants, lol)…but dang they looked good!  Jade and Shawn, thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with me!
Sarah & Jacob.
April in Colorado provides no guarantees for great weather.  Snow on your outdoor springtime wedding day wasn’t exactly Sarah and Jake’s plan, but it didn’t phase them nor dampen their fun.  Sarah wore her mom’s wedding gown and it was amazing on her.  That melted Daddy’s heart too and he had a tough time keeping those emotions contained when he was giving her away.  Jake just took his bride’s hands so tenderly and helped make her strong, just like he does.  May your lives be evidence of the strength and support you build into each other.  Love you both so much!
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Chrissy & Eric
She’s a hairdresser taking his last name, Bangs.  And that’s just wear my smiles started when I met Chrissy to talk about their upcoming wedding plans.  We oohed and aaawed over dresses and bridesmaid attire, and it all came together when it became evident that there was a “honey bee” theme going on here.  As bee keepers, it all makes sense and they pulled together the best little homegrown wedding around.  Family and friends made a feasting buffet at the reception at the couple’s home.  High school sweethearts making it all official.  Honey, I love you, is so sweet.                                            
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Matthew & Kailie.
They had me in stitches laughing so hard, and in tears the next.  This amazing day was all God-honoring and a lot of celebrating.  Watching the storms develop as the day progressed,  downpours could not have been more divinely timed, wrapping up a ceremony and giving these two some alone time in the old barn as guests made a run for the reception structure.  I love how you complement the other’s strengths, weaknesses, and gifts.  You’re going to be a mighty duo.  Pray hard.
Lainey & Onyi.
Lainey and Onyi mixed it up and brought a bit of culture into their wedding celebration.  The Nigerian side was well-represented and so many amazingly colorful and beautiful women added the special flare (and fare….oh my….the food they brought was amazing!).  Lainey’s side added a good bit of old country boy dancing which made for a spectacular night of fun.  I love watching you together.  This is good.  Very good.  Be blessed!  
Sarah & Jake Engagement
I just love the tenderness this boy shows his soon to be bride.  It’s freezing out there in our springtime shoot, out in the snow, and he’s taking total care of her, and getting her loosened up for some fun.  And we had a lot of fun!  They are naturals for the camera, and make our time really efficient, which is great when it is 17 degrees out and we’re standing in snow!  I’m so excited for your springtime wedding at Mt. Vernon Country Club!  But ….. springtime in the Rockies.  Be ready for more…snow.
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