Burba Family
We, as parents, know that when the whole family is invited home it’s really all about the grandkids.  Yeah, our parents will allow us to get in a picture or two, but the instructions to the photographer are always “I really want to focus on us with the grandkids.”  Yeah, we get it.  And I love how the grandkids played right along with one of my favorite families ever.  I love you guys.  Your heart, your soul, your laughter and banter.  I love being around you, with you, because I’m just so dog-gone blessed by you!
Britt & Lane
So excited to welcome my new baby twin cousins…..third cousins I think…..kids of my cousins, right?  Our family is exploding exponentially so it’s hard to keep track of the formal ranking.  Britt & Lane, big and healthy boys.  I just can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the two of you find to get into with that firecracker sister of yours.  Congrats big sister Hannah!
Baby Riggin
Well hello there early bird!  Oh precious one, you gave us a bit of a scare. So thankful God made you a strong feisty one!  It’s fun to see how your Mama and Daddy fuss over your details, his rugged huntingness and her frills and nail polish.  What a perfect addition you are to the family.  Welcome baby Riggin!
Beautiful Mama.
  I love how this beautiful mama loves to show off her beautiful baby-filled belly.  My ranks of extended family continue to grow as cousins Marc and Kylea keep adding to their troops!  In fact, I’m posting this from last winter, and looking at my calendar to schedule their next maternity shoot.  Woot woot!  For those who love to be pregnant….please, go have many babies for those of us who looked like whales the entire time we were pregnant and felt like we had the flu for 9 months.  Kylea, you are stunning.  Beautiful in all seasons.
Katie & David
You’d never know these two were suffering through a bad bout of food poisoning!  It’s a hard call to make when you have flight reservations the next day to go “back home” and you’ve had a rough night before after some questionable cuisine.  But they made a late day call to press on!  I think by the end of the shoot they were smiling and laughing with perma-grin so much that they started to forget about their ailments.  Katie and David, I can’t wait to be a part of your Aspen, CO wedding this summer, SUPER excited!!!!
My heart warms up with sparkles and bubbles when I get to be with Katie.  Her heart is even more beautiful than what I could capture in portrait.  I love watching this woman of God take flight into her life’s journey.  I can’t wait to see where He leads her.  I know she’ll follow.  Yum.
I have quite the extended family.  Both of my parents were farm kids, with several siblings, so my list of cousins goes on and on.  And I’m more than delighted to know and love tenderly my cousins’ kids….my third cousins?  That’s Gabe.  Strong in spirit, steadfast Jesus-lover, well-balanced compassionate with kids-player.  I loved his surprise visit during college basketball tour/try out time.  Couldn’t resist a chance to grab some senior portraits as he passed through.  Loved even more the phone pics of him hanging on the playset with his two siblings and my kids. I loved that my kids got to be with him, know him, and have him a part of their world.
Brian & Andrea
What a perfectly classy event Brian and Andrea hosted to celebrate their new life together.  With the threat of thunderstorms all summer long it might of seemed iffy for a rooftop wedding in Denver.  But the Museum of Nature and Science provided a great view of the storm coming in and better unveiling of the threat than any radar could provide.  And in 20 minutes it had come and gone and left the party with a lovely cool evening to celebrate.  This museum, a perfect venue for these two teachers, lifelong learners in love.
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Rockabilly GIrls
They’re always up to something creative.  I had a lot of fun with these gals in a themed Rockabilly shoot.  They just wanted to make a pin-up calendar for their husbands.  Cute. (Smiles).  One hubby (my cousin) actually showed up to watch….I think he was enjoying that just as much as he’s gonna enjoy the end product.  You’re beautiful ladies!  You show it well!  
Oh Mama. Sarah and the boys.
Sweet mama, what tender hopeful love you have for your boys.  Thank you for welcoming me into your life to help tell your story.  May these images bless you and your amazing sons for generations to come.
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