The Warrens.
They’ve got a cute kid.  And they know it.  Problem is, how do I keep up with him?  It’s called the “Toddler Hustle,” the dance photographers do to keep up with those between 1 and 3, trying any trick, song, sound, or sweet.  Finally resorted to the big dandy lollipop for the big finale.  I think we can all agree….with him on your wall it’s all pretty sweet!
Some Peaceful Portraits (in a chaotic life!)
I met Scot, Kelly, and my favorite little Jack, for a beautiful Indian Summer afternoon photo shoot.  Jack’s baby blues just light up my heart whenever I see them!  Kelly laughed saying that they’d never had engagement pictures taken, so we got some snuggly pics of just the two of them, so sweet, tender and peaceful…..a true contrast to the rest of their lives at the time making a move into our state, starting a new job, living in a family member’s guest room, house hunting, and chasing a little tyke around.  Somehow someone decided this was the perfect time for family photos!  Blessings on you friends!    
10 Feb 2015 in Family, Toddler
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