My heart warms up with sparkles and bubbles when I get to be with Katie.  Her heart is even more beautiful than what I could capture in portrait.  I love watching this woman of God take flight into her life’s journey.  I can’t wait to see where He leads her.  I know she’ll follow.  Yum.
I have quite the extended family.  Both of my parents were farm kids, with several siblings, so my list of cousins goes on and on.  And I’m more than delighted to know and love tenderly my cousins’ kids….my third cousins?  That’s Gabe.  Strong in spirit, steadfast Jesus-lover, well-balanced compassionate with kids-player.  I loved his surprise visit during college basketball tour/try out time.  Couldn’t resist a chance to grab some senior portraits as he passed through.  Loved even more the phone pics of him hanging on the playset with his two siblings and my kids. I loved that my kids got to be with him, know him, and have him a part of their world.
Curtis is just here to get his picture taken.  That’s it.  Take the picture.  But MAN, when you’ve got eyes like that and a smile to swoon over, this old girl is going to want to take more than just a single picture!  I showed Curtis a posting I found on Pinterest, “senior boy…no idea who you are, or where you are-but you are a beautiful male…”  That got me a few smiles outa him.  Curtis, that’s what they’re sayin’ about you!
Her eyes dance when her smile lights up and I love to see her laugh.  Erin and her bestie Laura planned their senior portrait session together and anything with your bestie is just so much more fun!  I suggested a couple of whispery giggly poses that the girls quickly nixed for being too gossipy feeling, and I knew right then I had two beauties with integrity and character on top of their amazing outside beauty.  And boy, they are . . . beautiful.  I love everything I see in you, Erin.  Blessings on you as you face all of life’s decisions coming your way.
Laura has ice blue eyes that wow me every time I look at her.  Her series poses are striking.  But that’s not her personality at all, because just look when she turns on that smile!  YES!  And it was a lot of fun watching Laura and her bestie, Erin, turn on the giggles and laughter (and not be able to turn it off) once they got going.  The thunder cleared and gave way to some beautiful light for you beauties.  God is good!  All the best to you in this amazing milestone year.  May you follow His lead in all life’s journeys ahead!
She’s beautiful, confident, and this girl loves her truck.  I’ve watched Miranda grow up from middle school into this amazing woman, ready to tackle challenges ahead.  I’m so proud of her.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her and spend time with her in such an intimate setting, I mean, senior photos really gets kind of personal when you’re looking to capture all of the favorites that help shape one’s personality.  And she’s just one good gal.  Cowgirl up.  
Oh he has these EYES, and just this LOOK that makes me melt.  Dalton was a lot of fun to work with on our quickly fading afternoon in Elizabeth, CO because he was just natural and relaxed and could just lift his head and give me THAT look.  Yummy.  The Sheriff made a visit to our photo shoot because of concerned passers-by who saw guns being pulled out (gotta have at least a few poses with your favorite hobby prop!). They were unloaded, of course.  But who in Elbert County DOESN’T have a gun?  Made us smile.  Dalton, thanks for coming out to make our appointment on your “home sick” day.  You were amazing.
Cassie and I got a good laugh when we met.  We hadn’t met in person yet. And we’d made some last minute changes to our shoot venue to get us closer to home.  When I told her we’d start at a restaurant garden and move to other parts of town, she agreed to meet me there.  But when Cassie’s bright orange hair turned the corner I chuckled and said, “This isn’t really your look (the garden) is it?”  Uh no.  We got a good laugh out of that.  We have more stories of that evening, unexpectedly met up with a nice Sheriff in town (yikes!), and he directed us to our favorite spot to end the evening.  I so enjoyed seeing Cassie’s face light up and laugh with her mom looking on, her tender relationship with her sweet old pup, and how two quiet young ones make such a colorful statement when they get to spend sweet time together.  Cassie, you are amazing.  I have so enjoyed being a part of your senior year.  You are incredibly creative and talented.  Go create something cool!
Jakob keeps saying “I don’t know what to do,” we get to laughing and wow, that’s all I want you to do!  You’re amazing Jakob.  My heart smiles when I get to take your pictures.
Beauty.  Stunning natural beauty.  Rachel and I had a lot of fun accentuating the contrast of a formal look against natural God-given beauty in her senior photo shoot.  He provided an amazing landscape of light, shadows, grasses and sunflowers that provided an amazing set.  Rachel made beautiful selections for attire, and she pulled the whole package off with her amazing features.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching Rachel grow up from 7 to 17 and she’s for certain a beautiful woman.  Go, be a blessing!
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