Burba Family
We, as parents, know that when the whole family is invited home it’s really all about the grandkids.  Yeah, our parents will allow us to get in a picture or two, but the instructions to the photographer are always “I really want to focus on us with the grandkids.”  Yeah, we get it.  And I love how the grandkids played right along with one of my favorite families ever.  I love you guys.  Your heart, your soul, your laughter and banter.  I love being around you, with you, because I’m just so dog-gone blessed by you!
Sinclair Family.
What a pleasure to spend an evening with the Sinclair family in the fall colors at Hudson Gardens Event Center.  We captured sweet tender moments with mom and rowdy play with dad.  A rare moment with just mom and dad keep them remembering what it was like before the kids came along.  Wrapped it up sweet with the shots of the whole family that just accentuate just how little these kiddos are right now, and realize we can’t bottle them up that way (sad face).  There were tears at the viewing session.  I think we captured the spirit of this family in their “today”.  
22 Apr 2015 in Denver, Family, Hudson Gardens
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