Rockabilly GIrls
They’re always up to something creative.  I had a lot of fun with these gals in a themed Rockabilly shoot.  They just wanted to make a pin-up calendar for their husbands.  Cute. (Smiles).  One hubby (my cousin) actually showed up to watch….I think he was enjoying that just as much as he’s gonna enjoy the end product.  You’re beautiful ladies!  You show it well!  
Jakob keeps saying “I don’t know what to do,” we get to laughing and wow, that’s all I want you to do!  You’re amazing Jakob.  My heart smiles when I get to take your pictures.
The Real Estate Doctors
It was fun to meet the Jacobson duo who needed fun updated headshots as they launched their new Real Estate Doctors campaign.  With over 50 years of experience between them, that’s the kind of doctor you’d want working on you (or your house sale), right?!  We had a little fun getting a tad bit crazy with this idea.  But then again, crazy just might work!
16 Apr 2015 in Company Event, Denver, Headshots
Her eyes just dance as her smile lights up the room! I had so much fun with Serena at her senior photo session. While her year is filled with Poms, studies and school activities, Serena’s passion is really a whole world away. During a recent missions trip to Uganda she fell in love with the Ugandan children. Her heart just oozes with yummy love as she talks about her experiences there and her great desire to go back and hold them, sing and dance with them again. She’s an amazingly beautiful young woman, but what is on the inside makes her all the more so. You’re serving Him well, sweet Serena.    
Studio 8.18 Engineering Comic Strip
Every year, I wait in great anticipation to see what the creative minds at Studio 8.18 will come up with as a concept for their company Christmas card.  They’ve created quite a buzz in their industry from having unique corporate photos.  And 2014 did not disappoint. With a whole afternoon on the patio for makeup and time with the camera, it was apparent that this whole card shoot was part of what the employees looked forward to all year as well, it had become part of the corporate culture.  Beer, pizza and a photoshoot.  I like that kind of corporate culture.  
11 Feb 2015 in Company Event, Headshots
  Stop!  Right there, don’t move.  Keun was a natural in front of the camera, but I always startled him when I shouted out  that he hit the pose (I get really excited when things go so easily)!  We’d start laughing and would head through the antics all again.  He was like some natural GQ model just waiting to burst out of this high school senior soccer player.  So smart, easy going and fun, Keun is going to knock the socks off his life’s spectators.    
Stinkin’ beautiful.  Wow, the last time I saw Megan was when she was about 7 years old.  So when this teen beauty shows up with her BFF for her senior pictures with a radiant smile that filled her whole face and a laugh to match, I knew I was in for an evening’s treat! I gave very little direction as these girls just laughed and played model all evening as I stood by with ready camera. I heard through the grapevine that they stayed up all night talking about it.  Seriously.  It was so much fun.
The Ginger’ s get all the glory you know.  And when Justin showed up for his headshot session to start his modeling portfolio, I could see why.  He’s got that All-American Boy look.  It’s the innocence in those freckles, the good kid from the small country town. He doesn’t just have the look, though. He really actually is that All American icon, tenderness in his heart, brains in his head, and athleticism to boot.  He’s one great All American Kid.
29 Jan 2015 in Headshots
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