She’s beautiful, confident, and this girl loves her truck.  I’ve watched Miranda grow up from middle school into this amazing woman, ready to tackle challenges ahead.  I’m so proud of her.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her and spend time with her in such an intimate setting, I mean, senior photos really gets kind of personal when you’re looking to capture all of the favorites that help shape one’s personality.  And she’s just one good gal.  Cowgirl up.  
Oh he has these EYES, and just this LOOK that makes me melt.  Dalton was a lot of fun to work with on our quickly fading afternoon in Elizabeth, CO because he was just natural and relaxed and could just lift his head and give me THAT look.  Yummy.  The Sheriff made a visit to our photo shoot because of concerned passers-by who saw guns being pulled out (gotta have at least a few poses with your favorite hobby prop!). They were unloaded, of course.  But who in Elbert County DOESN’T have a gun?  Made us smile.  Dalton, thanks for coming out to make our appointment on your “home sick” day.  You were amazing.
Cassie and I got a good laugh when we met.  We hadn’t met in person yet. And we’d made some last minute changes to our shoot venue to get us closer to home.  When I told her we’d start at a restaurant garden and move to other parts of town, she agreed to meet me there.  But when Cassie’s bright orange hair turned the corner I chuckled and said, “This isn’t really your look (the garden) is it?”  Uh no.  We got a good laugh out of that.  We have more stories of that evening, unexpectedly met up with a nice Sheriff in town (yikes!), and he directed us to our favorite spot to end the evening.  I so enjoyed seeing Cassie’s face light up and laugh with her mom looking on, her tender relationship with her sweet old pup, and how two quiet young ones make such a colorful statement when they get to spend sweet time together.  Cassie, you are amazing.  I have so enjoyed being a part of your senior year.  You are incredibly creative and talented.  Go create something cool!
Jakob keeps saying “I don’t know what to do,” we get to laughing and wow, that’s all I want you to do!  You’re amazing Jakob.  My heart smiles when I get to take your pictures.
Beauty.  Stunning natural beauty.  Rachel and I had a lot of fun accentuating the contrast of a formal look against natural God-given beauty in her senior photo shoot.  He provided an amazing landscape of light, shadows, grasses and sunflowers that provided an amazing set.  Rachel made beautiful selections for attire, and she pulled the whole package off with her amazing features.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching Rachel grow up from 7 to 17 and she’s for certain a beautiful woman.  Go, be a blessing!
Extended Family Celebration
Graduation is always a big party. And when you come from a great big family it is a great big celebration!  The Beesons took advantage of having everyone together for Nick’s high school graduation and we had great fun laughing at me trying to call out names during the shoot. O.k. “Brown Grandma” scoot a little to the side, and “Purple Mama” hold her hand.  Pretty soon they were laughing at their names while I captured their laughter.  Good to get all sweet sisters together again.  Love you ladies.
16 Apr 2015 in Family, Graduation
Nick’s Graduation Day
It’s graduation day and the whole family is in town!  We shared a lot of laughs during this extended family shoot because I can’t make names and instructions come out of my mouth in logical form like when I asked “Brown Grandma” to move a step up. She was a grandma and she was wearing a brown blouse! And then I had the terribly embarrassing faux pas of assuming the lovely lady another’s arm was his bride (not his daughter)!  Laughs at my expense are just fine when they evoke the emotion that we captured here.  I loved seeing the bond of sisterhood expressed in laughter.  It’s a joy to be together and to celebrate this life’s milestone together.  
17 Feb 2015 in Family, Graduation
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