Britt & Lane
So excited to welcome my new baby twin cousins…..third cousins I think… of my cousins, right?  Our family is exploding exponentially so it’s hard to keep track of the formal ranking.  Britt & Lane, big and healthy boys.  I just can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the two of you find to get into with that firecracker sister of yours.  Congrats big sister Hannah!
Baby Riggin
Well hello there early bird!  Oh precious one, you gave us a bit of a scare. So thankful God made you a strong feisty one!  It’s fun to see how your Mama and Daddy fuss over your details, his rugged huntingness and her frills and nail polish.  What a perfect addition you are to the family.  Welcome baby Riggin!
Baby Martin.
Oh sweet baby Martin, welcome to our world. I can’t wait for you to see all that your Daddy is going to show you here!  He is the proudest man around.  Mama has her gentle hand on you and will help nurture you along the way, but I can tell your daddy is a swooper upper and has got some adventures planned for you!  Welcome little man.  
The Warrens.
They’ve got a cute kid.  And they know it.  Problem is, how do I keep up with him?  It’s called the “Toddler Hustle,” the dance photographers do to keep up with those between 1 and 3, trying any trick, song, sound, or sweet.  Finally resorted to the big dandy lollipop for the big finale.  I think we can all agree….with him on your wall it’s all pretty sweet!
William Thomas.
Oh perfect baby boy, you’re finally here.  So many have prayed for so long for you and God worked in all the details and here is his answer.  What a gift you are.  And you slept soundly the entire  photo shoot.  We could dress you, mess with you, fuss over you, and TRY to wake you and you would have none of it. You were out cold.  Yummy.  
New Baby Bro.
Sweet friends introduced me to their newest Fugelseth family member.  Precious newbornness.
Nolan turns ONE!
This has been a whirlwind year for Nolan for sure!  Geez….when we get to take pictures every three months with the Baby’s First Year package I get to see all of the fun changes and new tricks as they start to unfold.  This last session, Nolan’s One Year session, showed me some drive for independence and adventure in this little man!  Keep runnin’ Nolan!
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