Onyi got up the gumption to pop the question and we’re all excited for the upcoming family wedding this fall.  Congratulations you two birds.  I love you both tons.  You’re just precious.  Precious together.  Sexy, but precious.

15 May 2014 Darby Ullyatt In Baby's First Year, Cheesman Park

This has been a whirlwind year for Nolan for sure!  Geez….when we get to take pictures every three months with the Baby’s First Year package I get to see all of the fun changes and new tricks as they start to unfold.  This last session, Nolan’s One Year session, showed me some drive for independence and adventure in this little man!  Keep runnin’ Nolan!

01 Nov 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

Lots of giggly girls in this photo session with the sweet Blair family, and we had a lot of fun finding the best ways to show these girlies’ fun personalities!  Yeah, best to you, mom and dad.  I think the most fun days are still ahead!  

29 Oct 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

Kasper is all about airplanes, so our photo shoot focused on just that for this little man!  And what a treat he had when a big one zoomed by overhead!  Kasper, I love watching you grow and seeing how your little mind churns as you explore, play, then suddenly stop and pay attention to the sounds around you.  Zoom zoom!

25 Aug 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

WOW.  When Cat showed up with her flaming purple do I got so excited to pack up and head down to the Santa Fe Art District for our photo shoot.  I had so much fun just playing all evening with Cat, laughing with her and getting to share some common creative interests.  Thanks for being my supermodel, Cat.  You wow me!

10 Aug 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

It was a beautiful day to say “I do!”                    

02 Jun 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

Little Aliana was a perfect little princess, the daughter of a Heavenly King on this special day (well, and every day!).  But what a treat for me to be invited by this sweet family to capture this special event in her life.  May she continue to seek Him as he pursues her heart and life.  

20 Feb 2013 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

Andy puts up with a lot of nonsense in this family, so maybe we were surprised that he finally actually popped the question!  But I think he’s a great addition and can’t wait to have him a permanent fixture at all our family gatherings.  Congrats to you both!  Thanks for inviting me along for a fun photo shoot….you’re just too easy to photograph….you two don’t take a single bad shot. 

05 Sep 2012 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

Alex and Ashley got married in a totally God-honoring marriage ceremony on this incredibly beautiful September day.  I was so moved by the complete submission they showed to God’s will, His plan for them, and their submission to each other.  I get so excited for weddings, and when I get to be a part of one that just has the whole focus right, it moves me.  Hmmm.  Many blessings to you, friends.

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