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Stinkin’ beautiful.  Wow, the last time I saw Megan was when she was about 7 years old.  So when this teen beauty shows up with her BFF for her senior pictures with a radiant smile that filled her whole face and a laugh to match, I knew I was in for an evening’s treat! I gave very little direction as these girls just laughed and played model all evening as I stood by with ready camera. I heard through the grapevine that they stayed up all night talking about it.  Seriously.  It was so much fun.

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  Lively. Spirited. Full of Life.  You get the picture of what’s it’s like in the Creasy family.  And they did not disappoint during our photo shoot!  Catch Me If You Can, was the game I seemed to get sucked into every time!  HA! And I love that game because I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too to get what I want out of it!  And I got what I came for, the sweetness in it all for awesome wall portraits for mom to enjoy on the over-spirited days at home.  

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The Ginger’ s get all the glory you know.  And when Justin showed up for his headshot session to start his modeling portfolio, I could see why.  He’s got that All-American Boy look.  It’s the innocence in those freckles, the good kid from the small country town. He doesn’t just have the look, though. He really actually is that All American icon, tenderness in his heart, brains in his head, and athleticism to boot.  He’s one great All American Kid.

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All the laughter for the Dufurrena family comes at Dad’s expense.  I ask him to kiss Mom. He turns red, laughs, shakes his head, oh he tries to get out of it.  All the kids make a big stink, get all dramatic, give out big cat calls.  Oh, it’s lots of fun, and always yields lots of laughs!  That big family circle picture . . . that’s what just happened.  Dad and Mom’s couple picture where Mom is laughing so hard?  That’s when Dad refused to give her a kiss and made a big to do about it.  You are pretty funny! 

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She’s born to be a leader.  That was pretty evident when I first met Kendra to discuss her senior portraits.  She’s beautiful.  She’s bold.  She’s in charge of a lot of stuff that we had to work around to schedule our session!  Mom and I wowed over her Christy Brinkley look, and laughed when we had to explain to Kendra who Christy Brinkley was.  She’s got that Cover Girl look down.  And then turns around with her stealth “I’m going to knock this ball down your throat” look that I’m sure had a part in her multiple state championship wins.  Hit life head on, Kendra!  I’m betting on you. 

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This beautiful Dunham Family fall photo shoot was really all about the new Puppy, Brody.   We scheduled the shoot around Brody’s arrival, and clearly he’s the one that got all the attention!  As this family played and bantered, it was clear they’ve shared some amazing years of fun in their household.  Dad’s great roar of laughter and the “let’s get down and wrestle it out” sisterly love showed me that Mom had to keep a pretty tight rein on her crew for many years just to keep the house upright.  I think this little puppy is going to fit right in to this play-hard family!

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Sweet tenderness just oozes out of the English clan.  The youngest adores her big sister and clings to her with great affection and I can just tell this is going to be one sweet confection session.  I first met Mom virtually, making contact on Facebook through a mutual friend living several states away.  And it’s fun to have a new mom friend who also loves to have candy-like laughter adorn the walls of her home!  Thanks for giving me my sweet fix for the day!

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Bigger and bigger every day….little man, you’re already six months old!  Look at all the new tricks you’re struttin’!  I love to see how you explore your world, feeling everything with your fingers, toes, and tongue!  Mama is sure enjoying this special time too, encouraging lots of smiles and play!

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