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Sweet friends introduced me to their newest Fugelseth family member.  Precious newbornness.

16 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Family, Graduation

Graduation is always a big party. And when you come from a great big family it is a great big celebration!  The Beesons took advantage of having everyone together for Nick’s high school graduation and we had great fun laughing at me trying to call out names during the shoot. O.k. “Brown Grandma” scoot a little to the side, and “Purple Mama” hold her hand.  Pretty soon they were laughing at their names while I captured their laughter.  Good to get all sweet sisters together again.  Love you ladies.

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My sweet big sis is about to add one more to her family (baby girl JK getting married on July 4), so it was time to squeeze in one more little family photo op.  Michael can be so silly, it takes 15 different goofy faces before he lets out a real laugh about how funny he thinks he is.  I just have to be patient and wait through it all and then SNAP….got it.  Caught some unplanned sweetness in there between poses.  Love your tenderness you all.  I love you all.  

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Well, and so does my nine year old son.  I met Matthew for his senior photo shoot in July, 2014.  While we were shooting I learned that Matthew has a true gift for programming and gaming.  This was an answer to prayer for this mom who’d been hounded all summer to try to figure out how to program mods into Minecraft. Then I met Matthew, an angel from above (with striking blue eyes)! We laughed about all things Minecraft throughout the session.  And thanks to Matthew’s generosity in spending some time on my computer, my son got his beloved mods.  Thank you Lord!

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Her eyes just dance as her smile lights up the room! I had so much fun with Serena at her senior photo session. While her year is filled with Poms, studies and school activities, Serena’s passion is really a whole world away. During a recent missions trip to Uganda she fell in love with the Ugandan children. Her heart just oozes with yummy love as she talks about her experiences there and her great desire to go back and hold them, sing and dance with them again. She’s an amazingly beautiful young woman, but what is on the inside makes her all the more so. You’re serving Him well, sweet Serena.    

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It’s graduation day and the whole family is in town!  We shared a lot of laughs during this extended family shoot because I can’t make names and instructions come out of my mouth in logical form like when I asked “Brown Grandma” to move a step up. She was a grandma and she was wearing a brown blouse! And then I had the terribly embarrassing faux pas of assuming the lovely lady another’s arm was his bride (not his daughter)!  Laughs at my expense are just fine when they evoke the emotion that we captured here.  I loved seeing the bond of sisterhood expressed in laughter.  It’s a joy to be together and to celebrate this life’s milestone together.  

I just love the tenderness this boy shows his soon to be bride.  It’s freezing out there in our springtime shoot, out in the snow, and he’s taking total care of her, and getting her loosened up for some fun.  And we had a lot of fun!  They are naturals for the camera, and make our time really efficient, which is great when it is 17 degrees out and we’re standing in snow!  I’m so excited for your springtime wedding at Mt. Vernon Country Club!  But ….. springtime in the Rockies.  Be ready for more…snow.

Every year, I wait in great anticipation to see what the creative minds at Studio 8.18 will come up with as a concept for their company Christmas card.  They’ve created quite a buzz in their industry from having unique corporate photos.  And 2014 did not disappoint. With a whole afternoon on the patio for makeup and time with the camera, it was apparent that this whole card shoot was part of what the employees looked forward to all year as well, it had become part of the corporate culture.  Beer, pizza and a photoshoot.  I like that kind of corporate culture.  

I met Scot, Kelly, and my favorite little Jack, for a beautiful Indian Summer afternoon photo shoot.  Jack’s baby blues just light up my heart whenever I see them!  Kelly laughed saying that they’d never had engagement pictures taken, so we got some snuggly pics of just the two of them, so sweet, tender and peaceful…..a true contrast to the rest of their lives at the time making a move into our state, starting a new job, living in a family member’s guest room, house hunting, and chasing a little tyke around.  Somehow someone decided this was the perfect time for family photos!  Blessings on you friends!    

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  Stop!  Right there, don’t move.  Keun was a natural in front of the camera, but I always startled him when I shouted out  that he hit the pose (I get really excited when things go so easily)!  We’d start laughing and would head through the antics all again.  He was like some natural GQ model just waiting to burst out of this high school senior soccer player.  So smart, easy going and fun, Keun is going to knock the socks off his life’s spectators.    

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