Lainey and Onyi mixed it up and brought a bit of culture into their wedding celebration.  The Nigerian side was well-represented and so many amazingly colorful and beautiful women added the special flare (and fare….oh my….the food they brought was amazing!).  Lainey’s side added a good bit of old country boy dancing which made for a spectacular night of fun.  I love watching you together.  This is good.  Very good.  Be blessed!  

Jakob keeps saying “I don’t know what to do,” we get to laughing and wow, that’s all I want you to do!  You’re amazing Jakob.  My heart smiles when I get to take your pictures.

17 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Graduation, Senior Photo Shoot, Uncategorized

Beauty.  Stunning natural beauty.  Rachel and I had a lot of fun accentuating the contrast of a formal look against natural God-given beauty in her senior photo shoot.  He provided an amazing landscape of light, shadows, grasses and sunflowers that provided an amazing set.  Rachel made beautiful selections for attire, and she pulled the whole package off with her amazing features.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching Rachel grow up from 7 to 17 and she’s for certain a beautiful woman.  Go, be a blessing!

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Alan grew up.  A bit too fast.  Mom wanted to capture a touch of little boy left in her memories as her son towers over her, graduating and heading to boot camp just days after graduation.  She showed me pictures of him setting up books in the living room for bases when he was 18 months old.  Born with a glove and ball in his hand pretty much, this is Alan’s story.

16 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Company Event, Denver, Headshots

It was fun to meet the Jacobson duo who needed fun updated headshots as they launched their new Real Estate Doctors campaign.  With over 50 years of experience between them, that’s the kind of doctor you’d want working on you (or your house sale), right?!  We had a little fun getting a tad bit crazy with this idea.  But then again, crazy just might work!

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O.k. for real these two send me back to the old John Cougar Mellencamp song Jack and Diane.  There used to even be a Tasty Freeze nearby!  Small town, big trucks, drive in movies, chili dogs.  That’s where these two birds fell in love….at 16 (or sometime before then!).    It’s all the making of a great song.  Love you love birds.  

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Nik and I were dodging lightening strikes during our time together.  Dad kept his eye on the sky while we went to work.  It was fun to watch this big athletic guy get so playful and rowdy with his special pup.  I love seeing them together.  As graduation approaches I know that dog is heavy on his heart.  Best to you both.  

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Brett introduced me to his childhood playground for this shoot.  It’s a new favorite place of mine.  A great place for little or big kid to get nice and muddy, climb all around and come up smiling.  Brett, you delight my heart.  You’re an incredibly smart and talented young man and you’re going to knock the socks off the future.

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This very glamour family really is made to have fashion super-model shoots, but with little ones in tow I thought it would be fun to get silly and fun with these gorgeous gals (and Dad/Grandpa!).  I love you Gilliam gang!    

16 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Senior Photo Shoot, Uncategorized

  Sweet as sugar, a smile to die for and a good-natured smart kid on a tight academic and athletic schedule.  You’re going places Gage!

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