22 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Family, Hudson Gardens

What a pleasure to spend an evening with the Sinclair family in the fall colors at Hudson Gardens Event Center.  We captured sweet tender moments with mom and rowdy play with dad.  A rare moment with just mom and dad keep them remembering what it was like before the kids came along.  Wrapped it up sweet with the shots of the whole family that just accentuate just how little these kiddos are right now, and realize we can’t bottle them up that way (sad face).  There were tears at the viewing session.  I think we captured the spirit of this family in their “today”.  

22 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Family, Uncategorized

It’s fun to mess up those nice clothes mom picked out when we go romping around in the pumpkin patch!  Sometimes formal portraits are nice, but this family likes to mix it up with relaxed laughter and fun.  I love watching the boys laugh and play while mom wondered aloud if his shirt should be tucked in (giggle).  I love everything about you, Sadeghi crew!

22 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Graduation, Senior Photo Shoot

Oh he has these EYES, and just this LOOK that makes me melt.  Dalton was a lot of fun to work with on our quickly fading afternoon in Elizabeth, CO because he was just natural and relaxed and could just lift his head and give me THAT look.  Yummy.  The Sheriff made a visit to our photo shoot because of concerned passers-by who saw guns being pulled out (gotta have at least a few poses with your favorite hobby prop!). They were unloaded, of course.  But who in Elbert County DOESN’T have a gun?  Made us smile.  Dalton, thanks for coming out to make our appointment on your “home sick” day.  You were amazing.

22 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Family, Uncategorized

We go through this every year…I see Wiley and Lia once a year for their holiday shoot and I’m amazed how quickly they warm up to me and start….RUNNING!  It’s all giggles and squiggles with these little vivacious firecrackers.  You make me laugh.  Your curls make me laugh, Lia.  Wiley, I love how your eyes dance when you smile.  Your spirit infects me!

22 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Uncategorized, Wedding

She’s a hairdresser taking his last name, Bangs.  And that’s just wear my smiles started when I met Chrissy to talk about their upcoming wedding plans.  We oohed and aaawed over dresses and bridesmaid attire, and it all came together when it became evident that there was a “honey bee” theme going on here.  As bee keepers, it all makes sense and they pulled together the best little homegrown wedding around.  Family and friends made a feasting buffet at the reception at the couple’s home.  High school sweethearts making it all official.  Honey, I love you, is so sweet.                                            

18 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Engagements, Uncategorized, Wedding

They had me in stitches laughing so hard, and in tears the next.  This amazing day was all God-honoring and a lot of celebrating.  Watching the storms develop as the day progressed,  downpours could not have been more divinely timed, wrapping up a ceremony and giving these two some alone time in the old barn as guests made a run for the reception structure.  I love how you complement the other’s strengths, weaknesses, and gifts.  You’re going to be a mighty duo.  Pray hard.

17 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Uncategorized

This family photo shoot was two years in the making.  Last time we tried this we got snowed out….blizzard.  We were going to try to squeeze it in before church, so early early, but it snowed so much we had to call it off, church was canceled, everything!  Reschedule set when all kids and spouses would return for Christmas.  Would you know….three days of forecasted snow, first real snowfall of the year!  But, since blizzard conditions weren’t predicted we were determined to make it a super fun SNOW SHOOT!  And I loved it!  It was freezing cold, so we took turns with couples rushing out for their poses, then rushing back in and tag-teaming the next.  It took a while for my fingers to thaw out wrapped around a warm mug of perfect hot tea as the big kids set up their next activity, some board game at the kitchen table.  I love being with this family.  Every one of them. And they love being with each other.  Memories of that day still warm my heart.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home.

17 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Graduation, Senior Photo Shoot, Uncategorized

Cassie and I got a good laugh when we met.  We hadn’t met in person yet. And we’d made some last minute changes to our shoot venue to get us closer to home.  When I told her we’d start at a restaurant garden and move to other parts of town, she agreed to meet me there.  But when Cassie’s bright orange hair turned the corner I chuckled and said, “This isn’t really your look (the garden) is it?”  Uh no.  We got a good laugh out of that.  We have more stories of that evening, unexpectedly met up with a nice Sheriff in town (yikes!), and he directed us to our favorite spot to end the evening.  I so enjoyed seeing Cassie’s face light up and laugh with her mom looking on, her tender relationship with her sweet old pup, and how two quiet young ones make such a colorful statement when they get to spend sweet time together.  Cassie, you are amazing.  I have so enjoyed being a part of your senior year.  You are incredibly creative and talented.  Go create something cool!

17 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Baby's First Year, Denver, Family, Uncategorized

Oh perfect baby boy, you’re finally here.  So many have prayed for so long for you and God worked in all the details and here is his answer.  What a gift you are.  And you slept soundly the entire  photo shoot.  We could dress you, mess with you, fuss over you, and TRY to wake you and you would have none of it. You were out cold.  Yummy.  

17 Apr 2015 Darby Ullyatt In Denver, Family, Uncategorized

It’s a busy household.  There’s twin boys in there.  And a younger sister determined to keep up with whatever antics the boys have launched.  Mom and Dad, yeah, he still digs her.  I love seeing how they still snuggle up and play.  You’re a beautiful crew, Mamula Family.  Got a few heart breakers there, you know.

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