Oh Mama. Sarah and the boys.
Sweet mama, what tender hopeful love you have for your boys.  Thank you for welcoming me into your life to help tell your story.  May these images bless you and your amazing sons for generations to come.
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Jade & Shawn.
Oh my goodness, I love these two.  Well, I love watching these two just love being together.  They’ve got an incredible story that I’d have to let them share sometime, but its a beautiful example of grace, and hope.  It gives me great joy to be a part of their engagement and wedding plans.  We scheduled our engagement shoot to see how we all worked together before plunging into a big ole wedding contract.  I want to make sure they love what I can capture, and I want to make sure I love tromping all around their love story.  Well, I can only take credit for part of what was captured here because what was on the other side of my lens was just stunning.  They naturally and authentically dig each other.  Sure, I think I put Shawn in some awkward positions (I think I even caused a slightly embarrassing rip in some pants, lol)…but dang they looked good!  Jade and Shawn, thank you for sharing your beautiful love story with me!
Winegar Family.
I’ve enjoyed capturing Erin’s more sophisticated and somber side in themed shoots I’ve done for my cousin’s engineering firm.  So it was fun for me to see the more family mom side of her, the one that just couldn’t get the sassy sophisticated side to show with an audience of hubby and kids watching!  A beautiful team they’ve pulled together there, with lots of spunk in those two younger twins.  Big brother definitely has his part in keeping them in line, all fun to watch from afar.  It warms my heart to see the casual squishing love ooze out.  You’re precious!
Albright Family.
I just get tickled when I get to go out and play with friends.  I love watching my girlfriend’s husband squirm as I ask him to display a little more public affection than he’s displayed in years, and I love watching how they all bust up laughing once mom gets done with her scolding that always ends with, “hey, shape up everyone, look happy.”  Awww Mom.  Thank you, beautiful Albright family, for such a fun fall afternoon.  When the collections arrive, I’m going to love seeing how they smile up your walls!  
15 Nov 2015 in Children, Family, Uncategorized
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