Curtis is just here to get his picture taken.  That’s it.  Take the picture.  But MAN, when you’ve got eyes like that and a smile to swoon over, this old girl is going to want to take more than just a single picture!  I showed Curtis a posting I found on Pinterest, “senior boy…no idea who you are, or where you are-but you are a beautiful male…”  That got me a few smiles outa him.  Curtis, that’s what they’re sayin’ about you!
Her eyes dance when her smile lights up and I love to see her laugh.  Erin and her bestie Laura planned their senior portrait session together and anything with your bestie is just so much more fun!  I suggested a couple of whispery giggly poses that the girls quickly nixed for being too gossipy feeling, and I knew right then I had two beauties with integrity and character on top of their amazing outside beauty.  And boy, they are . . . beautiful.  I love everything I see in you, Erin.  Blessings on you as you face all of life’s decisions coming your way.
Laura has ice blue eyes that wow me every time I look at her.  Her series poses are striking.  But that’s not her personality at all, because just look when she turns on that smile!  YES!  And it was a lot of fun watching Laura and her bestie, Erin, turn on the giggles and laughter (and not be able to turn it off) once they got going.  The thunder cleared and gave way to some beautiful light for you beauties.  God is good!  All the best to you in this amazing milestone year.  May you follow His lead in all life’s journeys ahead!
Baby Martin.
Oh sweet baby Martin, welcome to our world. I can’t wait for you to see all that your Daddy is going to show you here!  He is the proudest man around.  Mama has her gentle hand on you and will help nurture you along the way, but I can tell your daddy is a swooper upper and has got some adventures planned for you!  Welcome little man.  
The Warrens.
They’ve got a cute kid.  And they know it.  Problem is, how do I keep up with him?  It’s called the “Toddler Hustle,” the dance photographers do to keep up with those between 1 and 3, trying any trick, song, sound, or sweet.  Finally resorted to the big dandy lollipop for the big finale.  I think we can all agree….with him on your wall it’s all pretty sweet!
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